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Full Computing Power of the Blackberry Playbook

The full computing power of the BlackBerry Tablet is only realized when you push it to its limits. When you test the Blackberry Playbook out you feel the power it has for gaming, multimedia, and mobile computing. The Blackberry Playbook (to be released early 2011) features are dual core processor that rivals that of many netbooks available today. This true raw performance achievement brings portable computing into a new an era where you can not only check your Facebook, but tend to your farm while on the go.

When it comes to portable computing that fits in to the palm of your hand nothing else out there rivals the Playbook. Its conspicuous release indicates a change in the tide of portable gaming and computing. The Blackberry Playbook is fully flash compatible which means simple apps can be created for it in no time and web based casual gaming will be no problem. If this sounds too good to be true then just wait, there is more. You can get your free Blackberry Playbook just by filling out some forms or by trying out some new products.

A free Playbook is no laughing matter the full computing power of the device can take your portable gaming to all new heights. This processing power of the Playbook literally rivals that of the iPhone, the Nintendo3DS, and the PSP. A dual core processor in a tablet PC has been to this day unheard of.

The full computing power of Blackberry Playbook enables you to watch HD streaming videos on the go, play high quality games, browse the internet, and listen to music. In some cases the multithreading capabilities of the Playbook may even make it possible to do all of these at once.

Imagine sitting at your doctor's office with your headphones on listening to your MP3 collection while checking on Facebook and planting new crops for your farm. The full computing power of the Blackberry Playbook makes this and much more possible. The potential of the Blackberry Playbook is limited by your own imagination.

Playbook features:

- A Dual core 1 Ghz processor which makes multitasking possible.
- 1 gig of RAM (Memory) making gaming and video as streamlined as on any netbook
- A 7 inch display capable of producing images up to 1080P (Highest available HD resolution)
- Flash compatibility for a streamlined web interface that won't let you down.

All the available devices on the market today very few have such powerful hardware that is capable of true multi-tasking and a perfect web interface. Many of the leading playbooks still use single core Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz processors. These processors can't match the full computing power of the Blackberry Playbook free and struggle with simple HD-video. The average netbook today has 1 gigabytes of memory which is shared with the graphics chip making it less powerful than this little tablet PC.


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